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Online Edition

EDM.NET Online Edition
EDM.NET Online Edition PDF

User Requirements
Windows 98 SE, Windows XP Professional, Windows Home Edition, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 2000/2003 Server
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or higher
Pentium III or compatible processor 400 Mhz or greater
128 Megabytes of RAM or greater
800 x 600 resolution, 256 color depth
Disk space: 50 MB for caching of images and data
All Features
EDM.NET Online Edition
Online Web-Based Document Management Solution
(Secure 1024-bit Encryption)

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Top 5 Features
Get access to your Documents, Contacts, Calendar, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, and E-mail.
Securely map a Web Folder and Drag & Drop your electronic documents right into EDM.NET.
Use In-Browser Editing feature to edit Microsoft Office documents right in the browser. Save your edited document back to the server without ever having to download it. (User must have Microsoft Office 2000 or greater installed to use this feature.)
Flexible licensing model that allows you to give secure access to employees and clients.
Secure 24x7 access to you documents from anywhere in the world.


EDM.NET Online Edition is our premier online document management service. It allows our clients the ability to upload multiple documents and use all the robust features offered by our Enterprise product over the Internet. No more server maintenance, database backups, failed hard drives, power outages, lost files, and slow service. With EDM.NET Online our clients won't have to worry about their data, since Extreme Strategies Professional Services is managing everything.

$500.00 USD Initial setup fee that includes 1 GB storage and backup service. One month support and training.
$500.00 USD (per/month) For 5 user logins.
$50.00 USD (per/month) For each additional user login.
$50.00 USD (per/month) Additional 500 MB storage.
Included Secure 1024-bit encryption.
Included Updates and upgrades to EDM.NET software.
Call Additional support, training, and professional services.


Once your files have been scanned and indexed into EDM.NET a whole new way of doing your business can take shape. EDM.NET allows you to access your documents from anywhere you can get access to the Internet and a web-browser. This allows you to always have access to all your important files, client's information, receipts, client notes, memos, correspondence, photos, applications, quotes, estimates, etc.. Any electronic document becomes instantly accessible to do your job better, faster and more reliably.

Wireless Access To Your Documents

With the inexpensive costs of wireless devices such as Pocket PC you can now access your documents from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. You will be able to retrieve and review your documents allowing greater freedom and flexibility. Imagine being at a client site and remotely accessing your client's information, files, and documents. EDM.NET makes it possible.


EDM.NET Online Edition requires little to no administration once it is installed and configured. Employees can easily access EDM.NET from inside/outside the office using the web-browser. Searching for a document is simple and e-mailing it is a click away.


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