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Extreme Strategies Corporation

Since 2000, Extreme Strategies Corporation has developed award-winning web-based content management solutions and is leading the charge in easy to use, intuitive applications. Our solutions accurately allow you to file and retrieve documents faster and are used by companies of all sizes across all industries.


Extreme Strategies Corporation is the leader in web-based document management software.


We are a team of accomplished professionals who have years of extensive technical and business management expertise spanning multiple industries and technologies staffs Extreme Strategies. The majority of our staff has advanced degrees in Business and or Computer Science and many hold certifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft. Our products reflect years of intensive feedback from clients and industry consultants.


Why do our clients believe in our solutions and us?

Here, at Extreme Strategies Corporation, we are dedicated to providing the best technology and services to our clients. The only way to accomplish this successfully is to earn our clients trust and respect. We continuously strive to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to earn that trust.




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