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Construction - Coordinate Your Project Information Construction, Project Management, and Building Design Architects, Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and building contractors all produce large volumes of blueprints, specification, and maintenance documentation. The documents range from permits, drawings, A4 paper, microfilms through to CAD and other design files. Our document management solutions and scanning services enable all these different forms of information to be managed in a coordinated way. EDM.NET allows for shared access across the Internet and Intranet. Allowing multiple sites and remote offices to securely access all the stored information. Our Microsoft Outlook Synchronization also allows e-mails, appointments, tasks, notes, and contacts to be shared. Our EDM.NET solution can coordinate the total project management requirements of your company and make sharing information between clients and consultants/contractors easy and secure.

Financial Services - Compliance poses a major IT challenge Compliance: The regulatory burden Increased regulation of financial services companies will be a major issue this year. "Regulators are visiting all of the firms on a more frequent basis and their investigations are of a greater depth," said Brian Peters, president and CEO of RBC Dain Rauscher in Minneapolis. "It's an increased burden and it's not always client-friendly." EDM.NET helps manage new and existing client documents and provides a way for Financial Services organizations to get a handle on their client base. Information is power and EDM.NET provides our clients the ability to manage all relevant information easily. EDM.NET is a truly Web-Based document management system that allows secure remote access to all its functionality. Contact us today for a demo and a free consultation about your specific business needs. Some of the regulations currently affecting Financial Service Organizations include: Basel II Sarbanes-Oxley Financial Services & Markets Act Money Laundering Regulations 2003 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Companies Bill Approved Persons Regime Mortgage Conduct of Business (MCOB) Insurance Conduct of Business (ICOB) Data Protection Act 1998 Electronic Communications Act 2000 Financial Services Modernisation Act Customer Identification Programme

Government - Today's government offices face many unprecedented challenges. Within government, employees need better access to information. Agencies need to share information regionally and nationally to strengthen homeland security. Remote workers are becoming commonplace and the need to audit access to what an employee views and changes is paramount. Our solutions help government agencies solve these challenges and many more. Citizens want to interact with government electronically. They want to renew drivers' licenses and vehicle registrations online. They want to search vital records, track legislation and pay taxes. All of these issues have pushed government to adopt technology that can help them provide the services demanded. Our solutions:

  •    Help government employees work more efficiently
  •    Improve workers' ability to be productive in and out of the office
  •    Streamline processes and content management
  •    Manage information more effectively to improve organizational insight

Insurance - Insurance Agencies Rely On EDM.NET Ahead of the Curve Insurance agencies have been some of the early adopters of document management technologies. They realized early on that using such a system increased productivity, reduced customer wait times, and freed up valuable office space. Many Insurance agencies are still running on legacy systems that are becoming outdated. EDM.NET is the next generation document management solution for Insurance agencies that need the most reliable system on the market today. We also provide the ability to migrate your documents off of legacy systems such as DocStar. Our clients use our system throughout their workdays with minimum downtime. EDM.NET also allows access from other offices securely through the Internet or through dedicated VPNs that we help our clients setup and manage. Don't wait another day wondering how you can make your business twice as efficient at half the cost of other document management solutions.

Legal - Legal Offices Produce Massive Amounts of Paper How does EDM.NET help solve a law firms demanding requirements? The legal profession is still founded on high volumes of documents in paper and electronic form. We here at Extreme Strategies Corporation are constantly looking for ways to refine, structure and consolidate the information that is our client's currency; their document management systems currently house thousands of Word documents and hundreds are added every day. A law firm also has a large store of know-how material. In addition, lawyers have access to large quantities of external legal information, including case law. There's a huge amount of information beyond our client's core repositories and the difficulty of looking for it in so many different places has become a major issue. Also, people need to look at it in different ways, according to their requirements. Our EDM.NET web-based document management solution solves all these issues by providing a central repository for all this information. EDM.NET has powerful search capablities that allow a user to easily retrieve the specific set of documents they are interested in finding. The information can be easily organized and shared throughout the law firm.

Medical - Healthcare Industry Moving To EDM.NET What challenges does EDM.NET help with? What are the most critical issue facing healthcare organizations today? Is it Sarbanes-Oxley compliance? Is it meeting HIPAA requirements? Capital investments? Technology? Actually, it's all of the above. And more. Medical offices use EDM.NET to access patient records faster - immediately reducing administrative overhead. Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Claims can all share information easily and securely. This accelerates billing and collections and simplifies HIPAA compliance. Manage all your patients' records efficiently through your web browser. EDM.NET is the solution for healthcare organizations looking to get a handle on their charts, patient records, X-rays, digital voice recordings and more.


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