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Extreme Strategies Corporation

Our company provides a full range of services to our clients using the latest design methodologies and programming techniques. This provides our client's the best consulting services and custom software applications on the market.

.NET Consulting Services

EDM.NET is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework that is a major step forward in software development, providing unprecedented flexibility and time-to-market. All the development experience used to create our Web-based document management product is now available through our consulting services. Hire us to:

   Develop an ASP.NET Web Site
   Enhance an existing site
   Migrate existing code to the .NET platform
   Build an Enterprise Business Application using the .NET platform
   Build XML Web Services
   Enhance our existing solutions to fulfill your organizations needs
   Develop a Portal Web Site for your company

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Our Experience
Extreme Strategies consultants
Consultants that know how to produce.
have extensive experience building software applications using the latest technologies and operating systems from the ground up. We have Application Architects with concrete experience managing, architecting, coding, and implementing complex E-Commerce sites and Enterprise Business Applications. They have worked on many diverse software products and in many fields such as:
  PKI Security
  Electronic Document Management
  Energy Provider Services
  Financial Analytic Services
  .NET Application Architects
  Software Development
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