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Service-Oriented Architecture

Our solutions are built to fit into an Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). EDM.NET facilitates the growth and use of document management services throughout the IT organization. Powerful document management solutions that provide ROI and extensiblity. Investing in EDM.NET provides you with an immediate advantage over other competitors using legacy document management solutions to run their businesses today. Be more competitive, think outside the box, and give yourself the competitive advantage your company has been searching for now.

Complexity Standard

Businesses have become more dynamic and have grown to support employees out of the main office at remote locations. Hardware has become less expensive allowing the building of more complex network topologies including VPN support for remote locations. Employees need access to information instantaneously. Many different types of documents are searched for on a daily basis to complete business tasks.

Today's Challenges

The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially the business problems facing IT organizations. Management is always pushing for better IT utilization, greater ROI, integration of legacy systems, and faster implementation of new systems; but some things are different now. Today's business environments are more complex environments. Legacy systems must be reused rather than replaced, because with even more constrained budgets, replacement is cost-prohibitive. You find that cheap, ubiquitous access to the Internet has created the possibility of entirely new business models, which must at least be evaluated since the competition is already doing it. Growth by merger and acquisition has become standard fare, so entire IT organizations, applications, and infrastructures must be integrated and absorbed. In an environment of this complexity, point solutions merely exacerbate the problem, and will never lead us out of the woods. Systems must be developed where heterogeneity is fundamental to the environment, because they must accommodate an endless variety of hardware, operating systems, middleware, languages, and data stores. The cumulative effect of decades of growth and evolution has produced severe complexity. With all these business challenges for IT, it is no wonder that application integration tops the priority list of many CIOs and IT directors.


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